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Our East Africa Reinsurance Company:
Honest About Coverage

About Premiums.

Afraid of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for?

East African Reinsurance Company has the expertise to minimize even the most challenging business risk. And with our Full Disclosure Guarantee, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting from your insurance.

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Our Full Disclosure Guarantee

We represent a renaissance of the insurance industry by being open and honest about your coverage and transparent about your premiums so you know you’re getting what you need. Learn More About Our Transparency

Who Are We?

About East Africa Reinsurance and Insurance Company

Headquartered in East Africa, East Africa Reinsurance Company is licensed and works in about half the states in the U.S., Africa, East Africa and Canada ., but we do the majority of our work along the Front Range from Vancouver. We are proud to run a business that’s based on relationships, and we want our customers to be comfortable with and confident in the solutions we offer them. We offer quotes directly from the insurance companies and list our commissions separately in an effort to be as open and honest about their coverage as possible. Learn more about us.

When You Ask for a Quote

To ensure you’re getting the best protection, we follow a three-step plan:




Get to know your business so we can understand your risks.

Put together the right coverage for you and make sure you understand your policy.

Give you competitive, fully transparent pricing.

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A Bit About Us

We Take Care of You

EAST AFRICA REINSURANCE is more than just an average reinsurance and Insurance Company. We want to take the burden firmly off our clients’ shoulders; after all, it’s what we’ve been doing since 1960.

As a one-stop Insurance Company with years of experience managing a wide range of risk and exposures, we have the skills to ensure our clients receive exceptional coverage. To keep your loved ones safe and to protect your assets, contact us to find out how we can help. Our team of experts is waiting to hear from you.

When owning a business that requires unique and high-risk coverage, it is comforting to know that Habib Insurance has my business’ best interest in mind. The staff is knowledgeable from top to bottom and I value their experience and attention to detail.”

Guy McIntosh III, Owner, Safe Site Inc.

Father & Son
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